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Schedule of Online Classes

Meditation and Psychic Development Classes

Join classes on Zoom: Meeting ID 4018299903

Friday, November 13

7-8am Mantra and Pranayama

Sunday, November 15

8-9pm Mantra and Pranayama

Tuesday, November 17

7-8am Mindfulness Meditation

Download the Zoom app on your computer. Registration takes about 15 minutes, and it costs nothing. Join our mailing list for an invitation to Zoom classes.

Zoom Etiquette: Just as you arrived quietly and settled in a little early at Grace, please arrive five minutes early on Zoom and settle in your body. This means setting up a place in your house for your practice where you will be undisturbed for the hour; turning off your phone; having a glass of water nearby; and, most important, taking your seat. Zoom works best on a laptop or desk computer. The phone is unreliable.Taking Your Seat: you will need to sit close enough to your computer to hear instructions and see me.

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How to Support Grace

Each class arises from a well of resources as deep as my memory serves me. In each class, I bring my whole self to you. If you find our online experience together stabilizing, joyful, and helpful in your quest to remain in contact with your Inmost Being, please donate commensurate with the value you receive.

Your donation really matters.

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Suggested per class donation $10 - $25

Photo Courtesy: Virginia Morrison

Judy McClain has joyfully led yoga and meditation classes for the past twenty-two years. She credits Sri Dharma Mittra with the depth and understanding that she brings to all her classes. Judy founded the Grace School of Yoga in Wickford, RI, in 2009. She has mentored many seekers through her teacher training program over the years.

Judy brings to Yoga depth, joy, and the understanding that we are practicing to remember our Inmost Being.

During this time of Self-retreat, the Grace School goes online to upgrade community consciousness together, while at home.

Never was there a time when I was not I and you were not you.

Nor will there ever be a time when I am not I and you are not you. 

Of this there is no doubt.

(Bhagavad Gita 2:12)


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