Our Story

It matters where we place our feet; where we choose to stand and sit and fix ourselves. Where and with whom really matter.

The Grace sanctuary is a holy center where people have come since 1860 for knowledge, the arts, and healing. Grace is a special place of ensoulment. Hearts are open here; human and spiritual love become one. The building itself pulses with truth and light.

I became caretaker of the original 1860 Hamilton Elementary School in 2009. When the building became available, I was looking for a room —just a room — large enough to hold a teacher training. One rainy December day we swerved onto Weaver Road and I started having visions. And then came the beautiful Divine choreography: the sale, demolition, and reconstruction unfolded with seamless grace despite the sometimes-raw nature of the work.

Our family and friends gutted the building, filling 9 20-yard dumpsters.The carpentry crew gave us many of their precious Saturdays. Unveiling the mammoth windows and letting in the light felt like The Great and Divine Revelation. We were all in awe of the building and the way it speaks. During construction, my favorite place to stand was on the rafters in the attic, looking down into what is now the sanctuary. From such height I understood the space differently. And at such height I felt I was among its angels. We Aumed every chance we got. And the building continues to Aum right back, with marvelous, ethereal harmonies.

The building that houses Grace has operated since 1860 as a schoolhouse, a church, a day care center, a weaver’s studio, and a pediatrician’s office. The building is large enough in Spirit to hold whatever we bring to it. Voices become choral, angelic here. It’s easy to meet pitch in such volume and to feel holy in the temple. Housing Grace, the building continues to perform its dharma as a creative center for healing and learning.