New to Yoga? You do not need to know anything!

If you are wanting to learn the postures, join either of our Basics classes.
If you are wanting to stretch and deepen body awareness without having to worry about “getting it right,” come to the Gentle, Restorative, or Yin classes. Prepare for countless days of joy and wonder!

Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics offers a repeating six-week curriculum designed to teach and refine essential yoga poses and to introduce the beautiful philosophical backdrop of yoga. Proper alignment allows the body to reach its fullest potential.  With guidance, students cultivate a sublime body awareness while building strength, flexibility, balance, and confidence. Classes are organized to study Sun Salutes, Standing Postures, Seated Postures, Backbends, and Gentle Inversions, and Twists; guided breathing exercises and Mantra.  Whether you are new to yoga or simply looking for refinement and guidance, this class is for you.  Students may join any time in the cycle. 1.5 hours

Gentle Yoga

Our Gentle class embraces students of all ages and abilities – anybody who wishes to add some healing yoga into their lives. In addition to slow, dynamic movement of all the joints, we study the classical poses conscientiously. We rest between poses as the body moves toward introspection, concentration, and meditation. This class is for everyone.   1.5 hours.

Yin/Psychic Development

Practicing yoga in a deep, slow, mindful way increases our awareness of what it means to be embodied. Yin opens the connective tissue, softening joints and releasing tension. Through long-held seated and inverted postures interspersed with counterposing backbends, we will open the primeval back body and relax deeply. This class is 45 minutes of movement and 45 minutes of psychic development techniques to awaken the psychic channels: chanting, pranayama, and meditation. This class is for everyone. 1.5 hours.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative sequencing takes the student into a deep somatic experience. Forward folds open the back and calm the nervous system, prompting self-investigation. Light abdominal exercise refuels our pranic tank. Mild, supported backbends and twists free the energy in the body. Gentle inversions relieve the daily demands made on our legs and hips. This class is for everyone. 1.5 hours.

Level I

This is not a beginner’s class. Following Dharma Mittra’s Vinyasa series, Level I introduces basic postures, Sun Salutes, foundational principles of movement, and basic Pranayama (breathing techniques). Gentle instruction and guidance and lots of personal attention. The sequence is suitable for any active person. 1.5 hours

Level II

Level II introduces more twisting, binding, arm balances, inversions, and variations. A basic foundation of yoga is recommended before taking this class. 1.5 hours.

Level III

Intermediate and advanced students will appreciate the challenging, fluid sequence. The pace is continuous to burn through the physical and psychic impediments to realizing Self. Postures are complex, with inversions, twists, and backbends. Level III sharpens intention and deepens devotion to living through the light of the Self. Lots of Mantra and Meditation. 1.5 hours.

Level IV

For advanced yogis and teachers, we work the full range of postures and their many variations, including padmasana, sirsasana, and full backbends. Lengthy meditation, pranayama, and mantra sessions purify the mind. Level IV cleanses all the koshas so that the inner light shines. This class requires concentration and a willingness to be still and silent. 1.5 hours.


Come sit with a group in a supportive environment. Practice in your own tradition or learn new techniques and reap the benefits of a quiet mind. 50 minutes; $10.